Finding emerging market opportunties

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“We provide the experience, expertise, and contacts to help talented entrepreneurs take their company to the next stage and beyond”

Andrew Sturner Principal
Andrew Sturner


Orange Island Ventures’ mission is to build relationships with entrepreneurs of early stage, high quality and high growth companies focused on emerging market opportunities that have a nexus with Florida.


Orange Island seeks to identify entrepreneurs who are seeking our commitment and involvement not just funding. We value entrepreneurs who identify significant market opportunities and understand how their business addresses them.

The Name

We chose Orange Island because it will become an iconic brand that represents the spirit of our venture. Orange Island is the name that’s been given to the earliest emergent landmass of Florida dating from the geologic stage of the Early Oligocene epoch. Just as Florida’s landmass emerged as the Oceans receded from Orange Island, Orange Island Ventures seeks to uncover emerging market opportunities that will continue to grow Florida’s economic engine. Read more »

Investment Thesis

Our investment thesis is premised upon an understanding that the collective intellectual power of our capital partners will provide each of us with an opportunity to pursue new ventures and to share ideas and knowledge with the entrepreneurs that we partner with. We seek to create the opportunity for our partners to mentor and advise the senior executives of the company’s in which we invest.

Our team has extensive experience in founding, building, and managing companies in a wide variety of industries.